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I’m actually more surprised than you are that a bank is going to be the first in a series of engaging spaces in Lagos. I never expected it. ;-D

So I find myself on the University of Lagos campus, and I need to get cash asap. There’s a bank right across the road, obviously I head there. To receive the shock of my life.

Okay, not quite the shock of my life, but I’m very pleasantly surprised. It’s one of the more gorgeous spaces I’ve come across in Lagos. I’m happy. I hurry up to get the cash I need, and spend the next half-hour taking pictures and just soaking up the ambiance.

I could be in a Parisian square right now

I could be in a Parisian square right now

Now to be fair, interesting-looking GTBs aren’t any thing special. They’ve managed to keep us intrigued over the years. MOE+ (MOE Identity Assets) has been doing a super job, in my opinion. Goke Osibodu, Mosun Ogunbanjo and their crew always deliver a certain je ne se quais. But this is something different.

Maybe I’ve been frequenting the wrong banks, but I have never been to one with astro-turf grass and park benches that would fit great in Paris. Am I alone here? There is also a fountain (which wasn’t on while I was there). And there’s free wifi in the evenings. So I can imagine what a hotspot (:-D) it is for students!

I guess this is all intended to specifically address the dynamics of campus life (bearing in mind this is a campus with a bound area, not one of those spread across the city in different buildings) This is what design is supposed to be: responsive.


I especially like they way they’ve worked to interact with the neighbouring grounds. There is a weird gate in front which ruins the effect a bit. But then i guess it is a bank. But what makes it weird is hat the sides are not fenced (so what’s the point?). Anyway the entry engages this open hallway with a double volume ceiling with a skylight (roof window). And as usual, with GTBs, there is a bit of play with the geometry within the space. Some angles, squares, rectangles. it’s very interesting to look at.

All in all I’d rate this space a 9 (hands down). I feel like going back to school… Okay, maybe not. 😀

What do you think> Yay or nay?

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Èkó ò ní bàjé!

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